What to Expect Following an Alcohol Ticket in St. George

Like most of the rest of the state Utah, St. George, Cedar City, and all of Southern Utah in general are tough on prosecuting underage drinking. Alcohol sales and consumption have risen steadily in Utah over the past several years so it is no big surprise more teenagers are finding themselves in trouble for alcohol related crimes be that consumption or DUI. If you have been issued an alcohol ticket, the penalties can be severe. Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney in St. George can help to ensure you are treated fairly in the process and your rights are protected. The first step in successfully defending a Minor Consumption of Alcohol charge or related offense, is to understand what you are up against. Consider the following:

First, if this is your first offense, you could be facing a driver’s license suspension, court fines, and possibly be required to take an educational series. If it is a second or subsequent offense, the penalties go up from there. Second, it is important to note that it is illegal for a minor to no only consume but to possess alcohol as well. Not only that, it is also illegal under the same statute to purchase or even attempt to purchase alcohol if you you are a minor, that is under the age of 21. Where younger people often get into trouble without thinking they are doing anything wrong, is where they are charged for possessing alcohol simply because it was in their vehicle, in their room, or maybe in their home. Additionally, attempting to purchase can result in a charge. If you, as a person under the age, walk into a gas station and try to purchase alcohol, you could be charged. It gets even worse if you are using a fake idea.

Many times we see college aged individuals being charged with these types of crimes. It is no big secret that many college kids like to to consume alcohol and party. With 2 major colleges in the Southern Utah area, we see a lot of alcohol tickets handed out each year. Whether you are a student at Southern Utah University or Dixie State, we can help and understand you have a lot on the line at this pinnacle in your life.

Defense for Minor Consumption Charges

A St. George Criminal Defense Lawyer in our office can help if you are facing an alcohol ticket and are worried about losing your license or otherwise suffering tough penalties. These types of charges can carry long term consequences so it is advised to have legal counsel rather than attempting to resolved the case on your own. Call and get a free assessment of your facts over the phone with an experienced attorney at our firm today. There is not pressure for you to sign up and we can at least point you in the right direction.