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Under Utah law shoplifting is known as retail theft and can be charged as a class B misdemeanor or a second degree felony depending on the amount of goods stolen. If the item stolen was less than $300 then the defendant is facing a class B misdemeanor that could carry penalties up $1000 fine and 3 months in jail. If the stolen item was more than $300 then the charge is a second degree felony which could involve some much more serious jail time. In addition to the jail time and fines that could be imposed most retail theft cases that end in a conviction will include restitution to the victim of the crime. Meaning that the value of the item must be returned to the store or person you stole from.

Shoplifting Crimes | Civil Cases

In the past most shoplifting cases ended with the criminal case, today however more and more business are pursuing civil damages against anyone who has been charged with shoplifting at their business. If your criminal case ends in a conviction then that ruling leaves the door open for civil liability and the company or person you stole from can bring charges against you asking for ten to twenty times the amount of the goods stolen in damages. With this added punishment, if you will, it becomes more and more important to aggressively defend shoplifting charges.

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