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Drug Dealer Defense

As the war on drugs continues and the state continues to try and stop the drug trafficking that is at the beginning of the problem, the penalties for drug offenses get more and more stringent. In Utah the drug and alcohol regulations are some of the toughest in the country and the law is particularly harsh for those assumed to be distributing. The seriousness of a drug distribution charge will depend on the quantity of drugs, the type of drug, prior offenses, and aggravating factors. One of the biggest aggravating factors is if the drug sales involved kids in any way, whether it was in a drug free zone or whether a minor was actually involved.

Utah Penalties for Drug Distribution

Because the state is focused on stopping the inflow of drugs into the community drug distribution charges generally carry felony penalties. Furthermore, most people believe that there must be a large quantity of drugs to include a distribution charge which is not the case, even a small portion of marijuana can result in a third degree felony for the first conviction. One of the things that make drug distribution charges particularly difficult is that it can be charged in addition to drug production and possession charges. This means that one of these offenses usually carries three charges, something the prosecutors use as bargaining chips in plea deals.

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