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Utah Communications Fraud Statute

In Utah communications fraud is defined as any person who devises any scheme to defraud another or to obtain money/property from another by manes of false or fraudulent pretenses. Communications fraud is a very complicated lengthy statute and it is used to charge offenders for a number of different actions. Unfortunately the entrepreneurial spirit in Utah also brings I higher rate of people engaging in illegal and deceptive business schemes that end in charges such as communications fraud. A lot of communications fraud cases involve businessmen who started out wanting to establish a legitimate company but when tough times hit they realized the profit they could make through deception. Crimes such as communications fraud and embezzlement become especially rampant when the economy is down and financial pressures are increased on individuals.

Communications Fraud is a Serious Charge

Those who have been charged with communications fraud are facing between a class B misdemeanor and a second degree felony based on the value obtained through fraud. What makes the crimes especially severe however is that a separate charge of communications fraud can be brought for each communication made, whether that be with different people or different times with the same person. Because of this the accused will likely be facing multiple felony and misdemeanor charges which could include serious fines and jail time, not to mention the restitution to the victims.

Proven Legal Defense in Washington County

If you are facing charges of communications fraud then you need legal help right away. With your freedom and personal liberties at stake you cannot risk going at it alone or hiring attorney that is not cable and prepared to fight for you. The attorneys at St. George Criminal Defense are experienced in communications fraud defense and are dedicated to fighting for their client’s best interest. Don’t go through this confusing and difficult legal process alone; call us today to see what we can do for you. We offer free consultations and are always willing to help you understand the legal process you will be facing and how we can help.