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In Utah theft crimes or property crimes are numerous and can be complicated. One of the crimes that may seem to be unnecessary and overly specific is Theft by Deception. Theft by deception simply means that a person took something from someone else but they tricked or deceived that person to do so. This crime although it seems to be overkill by the legislature actually dates back to common law when it was referred to as larceny by trick. The real trick, however, comes when defining deception. Utah’s theft by deception statute states that deception does not occur when there is only falsity as to matters having no pecuniary significance, or puffing by statements unlikely to deceive ordinary person in the group addressed.

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If you have been charged with theft by deception in Utah then give the lawyers at St. George Criminal Defense a call. Our attorneys are experienced in theft defense and can help you obtain the best results available. With a statute that has semi-vague language like the theft by deception statute, there is more room to argue that the so called deception was simply one of the exempted falsities referenced by statute. With a diligent attorney, like those at St. George Criminal Defense, you will be able to successfully argue these facts and defend your rights.  Even if you feel like the charges against you are insurmountable you should still hire an attorney to fight for you. Sometimes the winning defense to charges like these can be very small details that make big differences, and even if the state has an ironclad case against you an attorney can usually help lower the charges and get better outcomes for the client.

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