Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

At our law office in St. George, Utah, we provide a vast array of legal services designed to give criminal defendants the best possible representation. We appear in Utah courts all over the southern region of the state from Fillmore and Beaver to St. George and Moab.

DUI and Alochol Related Crimes

DUI alcohol related crimed require specialized knowledge of the evidence surrounding these cases. Officers do not always follow the proper procedure in administering field sobriety tests and other methods of collecting DUI evidence. We understand the laws and procedures involed in these types of cases and represent clients in such matters as:

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes like marijuana possession and paraphernalia are common in Southern Utah and throughout the country. Whether it is marijuana, cocaine, or some other drug and whether is possession, distribution, or production, we can take your defense.

Violent Crimes, Sex Crime, Theft

Violent crimes like domestic violence and assault are also common in Utah and are often followed by a filing for a protective order or other case. We can help in these situations. From retail theft to more serious cimes such as rape or abuse, we know what it takes to get you the best result possible.