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Utah Vehicular Homicide

In Utah vehicular or automobile homicide is defined as causing the death of another with a vehicle in a negligent manner while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unlike murder or aggravated murder there is no need to show intent to take the life of another, only the causing of death and the intoxication. Similar to DUI cases, automobile homicide cases normally hinge on the chemical testing that determines the blood alcohol concentration or the existence of drugs in a person’s system. Automobile homicide defense can be very difficult because it is a relatively simply statute that is very fact intensive. Furthermore, with the number of cars on the roadway this is also an offense that is involves a large number of witnesses that can testify as to the negligent driving of the accused.

Overcoming Automobile Homicide Charges

Obviously any charge that includes the word homicide is serious and can have a severe impact on your life. Depending on the circumstance, automobile homicide could be charged as a third or second degree felony, involving jail time and significant fines. Furthermore, the accused can be charged for a separate offense for each victim in the accident. With serious charges and serious penalties such as these it is important to have an attorney at your side. The lawyers at St. George Criminal Defense are experience criminal defenders that can help you deal with the difficulties of being charged with a crime as serious as automobile homicide. Although there is no excuse for drinking and driving most who are convicted of DUI never that the mistake of driving intoxicated would end in the death of another. Although you may be dealing with extreme guilt over your actions, that does not mean you are necessarily guilty of automobile homicide. Talk to one of the attorneys at St. George Criminal Defense to better understand your options and where you stand.

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