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Sex crimes in Utah have increased over the years and to date there are many different types and levels of sex crimes. Sexual offense such as rape, statutory rape, sexual assault and others span the range from lesser to serious offenses and carry all types of penalties. Charges for a sexual crime carry serious consequences and can damage a person’s reputation or relationships regardless of whether or not they are convicted. Unfortunately, because of the damage that can be done with only an accusation some have used the criminal justice system to get back at others by alleging crimes.

Consequences of Sex Crime Convictions

Aside from the jail time, fees, and restitution that are associated with most criminal charges sex crimes also carry the penalty of registration. There are several crimes that if convicted of the defendant is required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his or her life. Not only will a conviction of a sex crime have a lasting effect on the employment opportunities of a convicted person, but with sex registration requirement the personal life of the convicted will be negatively affected as well.

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