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Defense Against Stealing in Utah

When most people think of robbery they simply think of stealing and they don’t consider it a violent crime. In reality, however, Utah’s statute on robbery defines it as the unlawful and intentional taking or attempt to take the personal property of another by means of force or fear…. The fact that force is a required element of the crime makes it a violent crime, and it also makes the prosecution of robberies much more intense. As with other violent crimes, Utah prosecutors aggressively pursue convictions and do not take violent crimes lightly. Furthermore, the legislature also considers robbery to be a serious offense and has shown this by making robbery a second degree felony, which carries harsh penalties.

Robbery Defense

Courts and prosecutors are right to be aggressive in cases of robbery and all violent crimes, but this does not mean that the fight should not be just and fair. It is your right to have the best defense available to defend such charges against you and the lawyers at St. George Criminal Defense are here to help. With the complexities of the legal system and the power wielded by the courts it is easy for defendants to be run over by the state in their case. This is why it is so important to hire an attorney to be your advocate and protect your rights in court.

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If you have been charged with robbery in Utah then it is important that you start acting now to defend yourself. The experienced attorneys at St. George Criminal Defense are familiar with robbery charges and know how to defend them. Our lawyers love to defend their clients and are passionate about not letting the state overstep their bounds. Take advantage of our free consultation and get the answers and the help you need.