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Violent crimes in Utah are very serious and are treated as such by prosecutors and law makers. If you have been charged or arrested for violence, such as domestic violence, assault, or something else, you most likely have a lot of questions about what lies ahead for you. At St. George Criminal Defense we can help you understand the legal process and what possible outcomes are available to you. Furthermore, we are committed to protecting our client’s rights and we are experienced and capable of doing so.

Defense of Violent Crimes

With every violent crime there is a list of statutory elements that must be proven by the prosecution. Furthermore, they must prove that each of those elements is satisfied beyond a reasonable as to convict the defendant. Any good defense will look at each of those elements and analyze whether or not the prosecution can in fact carry their burden. The skilled attorneys at St. George Criminal Defense are experienced in defending violent crime charges and can help get you through this trying time as well as protect your rights in the process.

Violent Offenses in Utah

In Utah violent crimes are some of the most actively prosecuted offenses, and the penalties range from fines to prison time. To learn more about some of the specific violent crimes in Utah, click the links below.

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If you have been charged with a violent crime in Utah do not wait to contact us. The attorneys at St. George Criminal Defense are here to help you fight the charges against you and are committed to protect your individual liberties. All of our initial consultations are free and we can help you understand your case and your options. Call or email us today for more information.