Marijuana Field Raided in Iron County

Authorities raided a huge marijuana field this week in Iron County located about 30 minutes from the Right Hand Canyon Road in Cedar Canyon. Last week, Utah Highway Patrol stopped a vehicle and received a tip about the marijuana fields. The tip turned out to be good and over 1800 plants were discovered on a steep hill just a short hike from a road going up the canyon. Many people go up and down Cedar Canyon every year so it is always surprising when marijuana grows are discovered in this area. This is not the first field to be found recently by law enforcement in Southern Utah. Some fields have been linked to Mexican drug cartels so it can be dangerous to stumble upon these field. Law enforcement estimated the fields had been growing for about 2 years or so and would soon be ready to harvest.

Marijuana Fields in Southern Utah

Several marijuana fields have been busted in Southern Utah in recent years. With marijuana becoming legal in a few states this past year, it remains to be seen whether these types of operations will continue or if growers will move to friendlier states. Southern Utah seems to be a prime area for growing the crop since surrounding mountains offer secluded forests and climates that seem to work surprisingly well for this cash crop. Washington County, Iron County, and Kane County have all seen multiple marijuana fields emerge in recent years. Individuals found in these areas have been charged with harsh charges including federal production and conspiracy charges which carry the potential for many years in federal prison.

Southern Utah Drug Defense Lawyer

If you are charged with marijuana related offenses in St. George, Cedar City, or the surrounding areas, you should speak with a Southern Utah Drug Defense Lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your defense and ensure your constitutionally protected rights are not infringed by sometimes over zealous law enforcement.