Washington County Utah Criminal Defense Attorney | St. George Law Firm

There are many criminal cases filed every year in Washington County, Utah, both in the state and federal courts. Even though the county is home to only about 150,000 residents, there are many tourists who stay or pass through because of the many state and national parks located in and around the county including Zion National Park. As a result, we see many out of staters being charged with things crimes such as marijuana possession, DUI, public intoxication, etc. If you or someone you know has been charged wtih a crime in St. George or the surrounding areas, we can help. Call and speak to a Washington County Utah Criminal Defense Attorney today at our local office to get help. If you are an out of state resident, there is a good chance, depending on what you have been charged with, that you will not even have to come back for court if you hire an attorney. We understand that it may be nearly impossible for you to travel back to Utah for court hearings so we can request a waiver of your appearance and appear on your behalf in many cases.

St. George Law Firm

Our attorneys in our local St. George Law Firm represent clients charged in all types of crimes in any part of Southern Utah. From Cedar City and St. George, to Moab and Kanab, we can take on your defense and help ensure you are protected in the system. Our main Southern Utah office is located in the heart of St. George.

Office or Phone Consultations

We provide free consultations either by phone or in our office. At a minimum, anyone charged with a crime should consult with a Utah Criminal Defense Attorney before they make a decision on how to proceed in their defense. We try to make the process run as smooth as possible and offer payment plans in some cases to help ensure you can afford to have a great defense. Do not hesitate to call and speak with an attorney from our office now.