Utah Theft Laws

Down Economy Makes for Desperate Actions

Just in case you haven’t watched a presidential debate lately, the talk of the town is that our economy is in crisis. With unemployment at one of its highest points in years, along with the housing troubles, people are more often than not finding themselves financially strapped. As people find it more and more difficult to sustain themselves and their families they become more and more desperate and start taking on more and more risk. Some even take the ultimate risk and put their liberties on the line as they participate in criminal activity. As it becomes more and more difficult to make money legitimately the incentive for theft rise.

No Benefits to Theft

No matter how desperate a person becomes participating in theft is never a good decision for anyone. The likelihood that you will be caught is high and the criminal penalties imposed are harsh. In Utah there are a number of different crimes contained under the theft heading (shoplifting, burglary, theft by deception, communications fraud), but the main idea is that one person is taking something that doesn’t belong to them. Each crime requires different elements to convict a person but all of them carry serious penalties if convicted.

Washington County Theft Defense Attorney

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