Utah Man Charged With Child Pornography

Ryan Fox Likely Facing 25+ Years in Prison

Orem resident Ryan Fox, who is 21-years-old is facing at least a 25 year prison sentence for taking sexually explicit photos of himself abusing a 9-year-old girl. Fox was previously convicted of attempted child pornography in 2009 and because of that conviction he now faces a mandatory sentence of 25 years in federal prison. Fox was arrested last October and has been in jail since then as he was deemed a danger to the community by the federal magistrate. Fox pleaded guilty to the charges on Monday and will face sentencing next January.

Utah Child Pornography Charges
When fox was originally charged and convicted of attempted child pornography he faced 10 different counts of the charge. The reason why there were so many counts is that under Utah law a separate charge can be made for each depiction of a minor (i.e. each photo) or for each distinct minor that is portrayed (i.e. each child). So in Fox’s case there may have been 10 different children portrayed, 10 different photos/videos/etc of the same child, or a mix of the two. Child pornography is obviously a serious matter and as with most sex crimes prosecutors are very aggressive in their prosecution. As shown in Fox’s case the penalties for these types of actions can balloon quickly and become extremely serious.

St. George Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex crimes are dealt with very seriously in the criminal justice system and along with violent crimes are some of the most important cases most prosecutors have. If you are facing sex crime charges then there is a lot at stake for your and you really can’t afford not to have an attorney at your side. At St George Criminal Defense Lawyer we make sure that your rights are protected and we work tirelessly for you. Call or email us today to set up an initial consultation.

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