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Most people lose their tempers over many different things.  One person may lose his temper over his favorite sports team losing a game and another may become angry when her boyfriend flirts with another women.  Whatever the reason, many people in the St. George area lose their tempers.  Most people keep their tempers under control enough to keep them from acting criminally and committing misdemeanors, but some may lose their control and commit assault.  When a criminal act such as assault occurs, that person will need a St. George assault lawyer to help him or her rectify the damage done because of the misdemeanor assault .

Assault Law in Southern Utah

Assault law in Southern Utah, as well as the rest of Utah, is governed by the Utah Criminal Code.  The Utah Criminal Code says that assault is:
(a) an attempt, with unlawful force or violence, to do bodily injury to another;
(b) a threat, accompanied by a show of immediate force or violence, to do bodily injury to another; or
(c) an act, committed with unlawful force or violence, that causes bodily injury to another or creates a substantial risk of bodily injury to another.
(2) Assault is a class B misdemeanor.
(3) Assault is a class A misdemeanor if:
(a) the person causes substantial bodily injury to another; or
(b) the victim is pregnant and the person has knowledge of the pregnancy.                          According to the law, a victim of assault does not need to sustain any type of bodily harm. A person can be charged with assault if he threatens an individual and appears as if he going to do something to hurt another person such as punching that person.

Most people use the term “assault” to describe a beating or abuse a person inflicts upon another person.  But no physical contact is required for someone to be charged with assault.  The Utah Criminal Code defines assault in such a way that it is easy for a person to be charged with it because he or she is angry and wants to hurt someone else even if the angered person does not really intend on inflicting bodily harm.  St. George Prosecutors can easily charge individuals with assault so it’s important for any criminal defendant charged with this to contact a St. George criminal defense lawyer.

Assault Help From St. George Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you have been charged with assault or another violent crime, contact a St. George criminal defense lawyer from St George Criminal Defense Lawyer for help.  SLF lawyers have defended many misdemeanor assault cases in Utah and are bringing their expertise to St. George.  For a free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer call 435.215.1101 today.

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