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Shoplifting during the holidays dramatically increases in Utah and nationally across the board. Stores this year have already experienced a significant increase in retail theft cases. Many believe this is due in part to the tough economy. Historically, thefts rise about 25% following Thanksgiving and through the end of the year. What is also interesting is the fact that the rise in stolen items comes mostly from adults than younger people. While many believe that teenagers and younger people are primarily responsible for the majority of stolen items, the truth is that adults make up the majority of individuals charged for these types of crimes. Additionally, it is not just men who are caught taking items from stores. Many statistics reveal that men and women are charged about equally

Typical Stolen Items

This year so far, the number one reported stolen item has been the Gillette Fusion Razors. The reason for this may be the cost combined with the small packaging which makes it relatively easy to take. Stores have now been locking up their razors to help prevent this. Many other items are stolen during the holidays including everything from candy and food, to higher priced items like ipods and other electronics. Recently, there have been several reports throughout Utah of items being stolen from off people’s front porches. Packages which are delivered and left on the property are being taken by drive by thieves.

St. George Retail Theft Lawyer

A St. George retail theft lawyer at our local law firm can help protect your rights and represent you through this difficult process. If you have been charged with stealing, you are not alone. Hundreds of people in Utah are charged each month with these types of crimes. Call us now to get started on your defense. You can reach us 24/7 at 435-215-1101. We look forward to your call.