Obstruction of Justice in Utah | St. George Attorney

A person may be guilty of Obstruction of Justice in Utah if they are found to basically have interfered with a police investigation or the apprehension of a suspect. However, the level of conduct by a person to fall under this statute is more than what a simple interference charge would suggest.  At the same time it is easier than some people may think to be found guilty of this crime because under the statute, there may be several instances in which a person’s conduct might be considered obstructing a police investigation or arrest. For instance, if you destroy or otherwise dispose of property or evidence that may have been used in a crime, you may be guilty of obstruction of justice. Additionally, if you warn someone of an impending discovery or apprehension, you may be guilty of this crime in Utah. Also, if you prevent a witness from giving information to the police or prevent them from aiding a police investigation, you might find yourself facing an obstruction charge. There are other circumstances which may also lead to an obstruction charge and more information can provided by any of our attorneys on this subject. Therefore, anyone involved in any type of police activity as third parties should be careful and even consult an attorney before taking any steps they may feel have an effect on a police investigation or arrest. Speak with a Southern Utah Criminal Defense Attorney at our office before getting yourself into trouble.

Obstruction of Justice and Plea Bargains

Obstruction of Justice can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the circumstances so anyone facing this type of charge should be very careful in how they pursue their defense. In many cases, an obstruction of justice charge will be tacked on to a more serious offense. In other cases police charge someone with an obstruction of justice charge when that person is not necessarily the focus of an investigation but want that person’s cooperation against another defendant. Before pleading guilty to obstruction of justice, you should consult with a St. George Criminal Defense Lawyer and learn what all of your potential options may be. Do not let the police intimidate you into taking a deal. Only after careful consideration with an attorney should you get too deep into a potential plea bargain. For more information or to speak with a qualified and experienced Defense Attorney in Cedar City or any other part of the southern half of the state, call us now.