Marijuana Growing Operation in Southern Utah Busted

Southern Utah Popular Growing Area for Drug Cartels

Last week there was a large marijuana growing operation destroyed near Beaver, UT and there are reports today that there is going to be another bust near Cedar City, UT. Southern Utah has obviously become a hotbed for marijuana growing operations and the Wasatch County Area Drug task force is working hard to stop the production of these operations before they get the drugs onto the streets. The bust that took place near Beaver resulted in the destruction of what was estimated as $12 million dollars in marijuana. The growers were not found in that bust but the place they had been staying in was destroyed as well as the plants.

Drug Crimes in Southern Utah

In Utah the most common drug crimes are possession and distribution. Depending on the drug that the person had or was selling the crimes associated with drug possession and distribution can range from smaller misdemeanors to very serious felonies. Furthermore, if you were arrested in what is considered a drug free zone (near a school, park, mall, etc…) then your charge will be enhanced to carry a harder penalty. Drug crimes carry heavy penalties and are prosecuted very aggressively by the state in an effort to curb the rising drug problems in our communities.

Facing Drug Charges?

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