Marijuana Charges in Zion National Park

Zion National Park is one of the must see attractions in Southern Utah and many tourists visit this beautiful place each year. Unfortunately for some, many of those same tourists are charged with marijuana possession by federal park rangers. The local park rangers who wander the camps each night write many marijuana citations each year. If you are charged for smoking pot in the park, you will most likely be facing a federal charge. Federal drug charges carry potentially severe penalties so it is very important you speak with a criminal defense attorney in Southern Utah who is familiar with the federal court process. Many criminal defense attorneys in Utah do not even practice in the federal courts so it is important you make sure to find an attorney that is experienced in these specific types of cases. If you are facing marijuana charges in Zion National Park, we have a team of experienced criminal defense lawyers up to the task.

Federal Penalties for Marijuana Charges

The federal penalties for marijuana charges may vary depending on your specific charges. However, generally speaking, if you are charged and it is your first federal offense, and it was only a small personal amount of marijuana, you may be eligible for a federal diversion program in which you are placed on probation and expected to perform certain probationary measures as opposed to serving jail time. Often you will be required to provide monthly urine testing results showing that you are not using marijuana. Many clients are concerned with the monthly testing requirements because they may have a valid medical marijuana license in another state and use marijuana as medicine for a certain condition. However, the federal courts and the United States District Attorneys do not recognize state’s medical marijuana licenses as being valid for federal purposes.

St. George Marijuana Attorney

For more information, speak with a St. George marijuana attorney in our office today. We have helped numerous individuals who were charged in Zion National Park, and other surrounding parks, with marijuana possession and paraphernalia. We will take your defense on these federal charges and ensure your rights are protected in the process.