Man Charged with Lewdness After Hot Tub Incident

Hot Tub Nudity Leads to Charges | Sex Crimes Criminal Defense

A Lindon man was cited over the weekend for Lewdness after he apparently decided to enjoy the hotel hot tub while nude. The man, who is 73-years-old, was seen by a boy and his father as he approached the hotel hot tub, disrobed and then was allegedly seen to be pleasuring himself while naked in the hot tub. The police obtained the hotel security camera, and then arrested the man. He has since posted bail but has been charged with one count of Lewdness involving a child. The police said that the do not believe that drugs or alcohol were involved in the incident.

Utah Lewdness Laws

In Utah Lewdness is a very broad crime, and is divided into two separate categories, general lewdness, and lewdness involving a child. The only difference of course between the charges is that one occurs in the presence of a child, or involves a child in some way; the age limit for this is under the age of 14. The general elements of lewdness are committing an act of lewdness in the presence of another. This offense is so broad and hard to define because the word “lewdness” is actually used in the definition of the crime. Making this circular logic very difficult to understand.

St. George Criminal Defense Attorney | Southern Utah Lewdness Charges

If you or someone you know has been charged with the sex crime of lewdness then it is important that you contact a lawyer. Sex crimes carry serious consequences even outside of the legal arena because of the negative effect a sex crime charge can have on a person socially. With the help of an attorney you can be sure that your rights are protected and that you will be able to obtain the best outcome available to you. Call or email us today to set up a free consultation.


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