Know Your Rights When You Are Pulled Over In Southern Utah

You Have Rights During a Traffic Stop

Getting pulled over while driving happens to virtually everyone at some point in their lives.  It may be for a simple infraction, like speeding, or a more serious offense like driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Whatever the reason a police officer pulls a person over, it is important for the person to understand the rights he or she has when confronted by police.  There are many rights a person has when interacting with police, and if the police violate those rights, it may be possible for a St. George criminal defense lawyer to keep damaging evidence obtained by police out of court.

Don’t Tell Police About Your Marijuana

One of the most important rights an individual has when confronted by police officers is the right to remain silent.  Many people have heard this phrase before on television shows but few understand what it actually means.  Being able to keep silent means you don’t have to answer any police officer’s questions.  You do have to obey orders such as an order to exit a vehicle or to provide car registration.  Questions can be ignored though.  For example, after being pulled over, if an officer asks where you are heading or what you are doing you do not have to answer.  You can either not say anything or reply that you don’t want to answer.

Police will try to exert pressure to get you to respond but you are under no obligation to speak with the officer.  In fact, you should avoid conversation with the officer because your answer to questions may later be used against you in court if the situation turns into a criminal offense.  For example, if an officer asks if you have marijuana in your car and you respond yes, not only is that a confession of a crime but it gives the officer probable cause to search your vehicle.  Your statement of marijuana possession and the search of the vehicle based on your confession can both be used against you later in a court proceeding.  It is important for anyone, with or without marijuana in their vehicle, to not respond to officers questions but to call a St. George criminal defense lawyer.

Only Speak to Police with a St. George Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been pulled over in Southern Utah and a marijuana or other drug possession bust happened as a result of the traffic stop, contact a St. George criminal defense lawyer from St George Criminal Defense Lawyer.  A SLF attorney will fight to ensure your rights were not violated by Southern Utah police.  If the police ever want to talk to you about any criminal investigation, don’t speak with them without a St. George criminal defense lawyer.  For a free consultation with an attorney today, call 435.215.1101.

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