Felony DUI Defense Attorney in Southern Utah

If you have been charged with a felony DUI in Southern Utah, you most likely have prior DUIs or were involved in a serious car accident. These types of charges are not to be taken lightly. The penalties for felony DUI are greatly increased and can mean long periods of jail time or in some cases even prison. Speaking with a Felony DUI Attorney in Southern Utah is absolutely key to getting started on the right foot in your defense. At our law firm, we have a team of highly experienced attorneys ready to take on the most challenging case.

Third Degree Felony DUI

In most cases, felony DUIs are charged at the Third Degree level. While this is the lowest level of felony, the consequences can still be severe. A felony of this type may be on your record permanently or for a very long time. Anyone who runs a background check on you would likely see this felony and its disposition which often keeps people from gaining meaningful employment or other opportunities later down the road. With so much on the line, there can be no excuse not to at least consult with a private DUI Defense Lawyer prior to going the public defender route or even worse, representing yourself.

DUI Charges in Washington County

If you have been charged with a DUI in Washington County, you are facing a tough system. The prosecutors in the southern half of the state do things their own way. Cedar City and St. George prosecute felony DUIs with vigor. Having a defense lawyer who can ensure your rights are protected through this difficult process is essential. Whether you have been charged in Hurricane, Kanab, Panguitch, Beaver, St. George, or Cedar City, we can help. The attorneys in our Southern Utah office are experienced in the local courts and understand what it takes to get you the most reasonable result. Call us now for more information at 435.215.1101.