Statewide DUI Blitz

UHP Makes 64 DUI Arrests

Over the weekend Utah Highway Patrol along with local law enforcement made a big push to limit the number of intoxicated drivers on the roadways. According to those in charge of the operation, more than 100 additional troopers were on duty over the weekend patrolling state roads. This increased effort is set to continue through Halloween night, due to the party like nature of the holiday. 64 arrests were made over the weekend for DUI offenses and while authorities are happy with their work they maintain that their goal is zero fatalities and ultimately getting to a point were no arrests are necessary.

Utah DUI Laws

In Utah, DUI’s are treated as a very serious offense, even though in most cases no one was harmed. Public safety concerns are the grounds for the DUI statutes and regardless of actual harm caused the legislature has decided that as a society we want to keep drunk drivers off the streets to keep us more safe. Especially at a time of year like Halloween when there are kids all over the streets, it is important to keep our roadways safe. A DUI charge can range from a class B misdemeanor to a felony, and although you don’t have to cause harm to be guilty of a DUI if you do in fact cause harm you could be facing a third degree felony or a charge of automobile homicide if the person dies.

Southern Utah Criminal Defense Attorney | DUI Defense

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