DUI Attorney in Southern Utah | Drunk Driving Defense

A DUI attorney in Southern Utah at our office can help you put
forward the best drunk driving defense possible to help ensure you rights a
protected through this difficult process . Drinking and driving charges carry
potentially sever penalties. Statistically speaking, you are much better off
with a DUI defense lawyer than trying to maneuver through the court system by
yourself. At our St. George Utah law firm, we offer reasonable prices and payment
plans for those who have been arrested for alcohol related crimes so there is
no reason not to get a member of out team on your case today.

DUI Laws in Utah

When searching for the advocate who can best take on your case,
make sure your attorney has a keen understanding of the DUI laws in Utah. At
St George Criminal Defense Lawyer, we know what it takes to defend you in these types of cases.
Whether you are facing a traditional alcohol related DUI or a drug related DUI
(metabolite), we know the science and the law and will work hard your behalf to
ensure you are treated fairly. When you are arrested for driving under the
influence of alcohol or drugs, there are very specific procedures the police
should follow when conducting their investigation and testing you for impairment.
In almost every case, field sobriety test will first be conducted by the
investigating officer followed by a portable breath test and eventually an
intoxilyzer test. In many cases, the police will ask to draw your blood. In all
cases, the police have to follow certain guidelines in collecting evidence
against you. We understand these processes and can determine whether or not the
police did everything right, or if they made mistakes.

Speak with a St. George DUI Lawyer for Free

Cited for DUI? We can help. A St. George DUI lawyer at our office
can guide and represent you through your case anywhere in Southern Utah, from
Fillmore to Cedar City, Ivins, and everywhere in between. We are available
anytime by phone or email. Call us 24/7 at 435-215-1101.

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