Charges Over Spring Break in Southern Utah

The weather in St. George this time of year is typically perfect; this year so far March has been no exception. It is no wonder St. George is a hot spot for Spring Breakers who head south to soak up the sun and get away from the snow and inversion up north. Many college and high school students will be in St. George over the next few days on spring break and unfortunately, some of those students may head back to school with more than just memories of a fun spring break. Every spring break some individuals are charged with various types of crimes from more serious offenses such as assault and violent crimes, to more common charges as marijuana possession, minor consumption, and DUI. If you have been charged in Southern Utah with any of these types of crimes while on Spring Break, contact a St. George Criminal Defense Attorney at our office as soon as possible.

Non Residents and Southern Utah Charges

If you are from out of town, in some cases we can have your appearance waived so you do not have to travel to be back to Cedar City or St. George for court. Our law firm is familiar with the local court rules and practices and can help you through a difficult process. We understand that you may be young and worried about how this may affect your future goals such as a professional career or perhaps even being eligible for things such as student aid. We can answer your questions and help ensure you get through the process in reasonable manner.

How to Get Started

To get us started on your defense, simply call or contact us and a Southern Utah Defense Lawyer will get you started. We can usually get started right over the phone and work through email so that you don’t even have to step foot in our office if it is not convenient for you.