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If you are searching for a Cedar City criminal defense attorney, you found the right Utah law firm. We have attorneys located in Southern Utah who are familiar with the Justice and District Courts in Iron County and Washington County. The legal system across Utah for all intents and purposes is similar in all counties. However, it helps to have a lawyer, when you have been charged with a DUI, possession, felony, or any other type of criminal case, who understands the local courts and knows what it takes to be effective in the system. We can help.

Iron County Justice Court

The Iron County Justice Court is the venue in which all lower level charges are prosecuted. This includes all infractions and Class C and B misdemeanors. Typical charges that are brought in this court are things like marijuana possession, DUI, assault, and retail theft. If you have been charged with one of these or a similar offense, call our law firm today to get started on your defense.

Fifth Judicial District Court – Cedar City

The Fifth Judicial District Court is the higher court where all higher level offenses are prosecuted. This includes all Class A misdemeanors and felony cases. The offenses which generally fall in the district court are things such as aggravated assault, felony DUI, drug distribution charges, and prescription fraud cases. When charged with a felony, it is important to have representation familiar with the district court in Cedar City. The penalties for these types of charges are potentially much greater and jail or prison time is often a strong possibility. As such, these cases should be taken very seriously and handles by a Cedar City criminal defense lawyer who knows how to win a jury.

Law Office in Southern Utah

We have a law office in Southern Utah, we know the area, we know what it takes to win in these often tough settings. For more information, or to speak with one of our Southern Utah attorneys today, call anytime at 435.215.1101. We look forward to your call.